Mostafawi Stores

A small trading company was started in Dubai in 1968 by Mr. Ahmad Abdulrahim Mustafawi. As his intention was to deal in the quality & branded products, he started knocking the doors of reputed Manufactuers/suppliers of the world, in order to meet ...
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Mostafawi Furniture,
Carpets & Curtains

In 1977, started a new division of Furnishing in the heart of Dubai city. Due to over whelming response from the customers, Mostafawi Furniture Carpets and Curtains slowly started growing & opened its branches...
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Mostafawi Real Estate

Growth never stops where there is hard work and dedication is involved. Again a third wing, MOSTAFAWI REAL ESTATE was established in 1990 to cater the fast growing needs of Dubai, to provide prime residential and commercial accommodation to meet the...
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